Monday, December 13, 2010

Look at Me; I'm SUPER*

* SUPER to a Fibromyalgia patient is not unlike a regular-sized person being called a "giant midget" in some ways, but it is a temporary and fleeting phenomenon and is an event to be celebrated as a major victory.

Today I woke up, earlier than I usually like to, and I was actually ready to get up and start the day. That's rare for me, as I am usually really ready to sleep lapse into a coma when morning comes.  This was my first clue that something was different.  Besides, it's Monday.

So I got up, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and announced to Don my sudden realization: "I don't feel terrible today!"  I wasn't feeling cured, by any means, just not as awful as the past few weeks or even months.  Hooray!

I'm taking a daily antacid prescription first thing in the morning these days, to see if it helps my gastritis and abdominal pain problems I've been having since August.  I am supposed to wait 30 minutes before eating breakfast after popping this pill, so I busied myself while waiting.  

First, I got my new "baby steps" workout regimen out of the way for today.  I'm on week 4, which means that I need to do 4 wall push-ups and 4 sit-ups every day this week.  I'm adding one increment each week, and hope to build back some lost and much-missed muscle.  Doing those took only a couple minutes of my time, so I went to the basement and hopped onto my elliptical machine for a bonus 4-minute (slow) cardio workout.  It was not too bad and I'm feeling very proud of myself for having done it, since I don't usually get enough exercise.  Yay me!

While downstairs, I noticed some laundry in the dryer, so I unloaded into the basket and - get this - I carried the clean laundry upstairs into the bedroom for folding.  I know, it's unheard of.  I haven't been able to deliver a load of laundry up or down the stairs in months!  I brought up the basket and told Don "Look at me; I'm SUPER!" with a bit of a dumb grin on my face.  He immediately warned me, "Don't over-do it."  He's right, I need to remember to curtail my enthusiasm and pace while I'm feeling well, so I don't feel like crap tonight or tomorrow.  Thanks, Don.

After folding up the laundry, I am ready for breakfast and munching away on my cereal as I type this post.  I'm hoping my day continues to be at least a good day, if not great.  Hope you're having a great one!