Monday, May 30, 2011

Anyone Miss Me?

Mallory, my Fibroduck and I have been busy lately. In the nicer weather, we like to enjoy my yard, "Native Suburbia". The plants are growing, blooming, and transforming faster than we can keep track! We've even gotten some new species added to the growing list of natives we grow, thanks to a plant sale at our local Wild Ones chapter in DuPage County, Illinois.

It's been quite rainy and the temperatures have been bouncing between the 40's and 80's (Fahrenheit) in Chicagoland over the past month or so. Today I managed to get a sunburn on my shoulders, but yesterday, the storms flooded the street and our basement a little. We're due again for hot storms tomorrow. I sure hope our basement doesn't flood again.

In the meantime, I've been enjoying the good days and trying to smile through the bad ones. With help from my husband Don and my kind friends, I've been better able to keep my mood up, despite the pains and discomfort, and some added stress related to a project at work. I'm doing my best to be reliable and get my share of the work done on the project so we can get things completed on time and with as few problems as possible. So far I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it.

I'll try to keep you all posted on things more frequently. I guess I've been hoping to get away from the computer desk while at home lately. Since I am at a computer all day long at work, I feel like I need to try not to do the same at home. I get a bit behind in my blog reading and my emails, too, so don't feel like I'm just slacking here. ;)

I hope things are at least reasonable wherever you are and whenever you find yourself reading this post. I hope my next post will be happy news for you.