Tuesday, July 9, 2013

That Fibromyalgia Study

If you haven't read or heard about the recent study that seems to prove Fibromyalgia is a physical disease, take a look...

http://guardianlv.com/2013/06/fibromyalgia-mystery-finally-solved/ (complete with pictures)




A friend found and shared the news about this with me on June 23rd (via the first link above).  To my knowledge, he is not a fibromite.   I was actually pretty surprised that I hadn't come across it myself, first.  I'm connected to several, reliable sources of information about Fibromyalgia.  Perhaps they all waited cautiously, as I did, to check it out before sharing it, and possibly spreading false hope.  Many FMS patients have been on an emotional rollercoaster with these kinds of studies and the approved medications that usually go with them.  As you probably know, it's not fun to get your hopes up, try new meds, then crash with horrible side effects, lack of intended effects, and even depression at having fallen for another one of Big Pharma's nasty tricks.

I take this news with some hope and definitely with grain of salt.  It's an interesting find and could be a very exciting discovery, and I have shared the news with others I know who have Fibromyalgia, but it's so easy to get carried away, hoping for a cure (again).  However, I look forward to a repeat study with more subjects, and hopefully more insight.  Only time will tell if there is anything for us patients to gain from this.

Keep studying, scientists!  We are relying on you.