Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How Many Spoons Does A Party Cost?

My husband and I hosted a party a little over a week ago. My husband did most of the work and I got loads of help from my in-laws as well, yet I am still paying the price of standing too long and handling the chores I had. My feet are apparently still very angry with me as I'm dealing with a mild, but long-lasting bout of Delayed Pressure Urticaria (DPU).

In the mornings, I feel pain on the bottoms of my feet even before I move to get out of bed. I dread those first steps in the mornings! I'm sleepy a lot more lately, too, and I'm still trying to stay active and stretch, and my muscles are still crabby both about the exercises I do (sore) as well as the ones I didn't do (stiff).

It seems wrong to flare for so long after a happy event, but such is the Fibro beast that is just never happy. Even resting for most of Sunday seems to have made no impact. Yesterday was trying as well, as I froze in an overly chilled office while trying to juggle several high-priority projects through nausea and dizziness that somehow seems related to the freezing air at my desk. It's 84 degrees out and I'm sitting indoors in a sweatshirt, hugging my warm coffee mug to try to warm up my painfully cold mousing hand. I may need to bring a blanket today.