Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Well, guess what I decided to do today.  This morning, during my usual 4 flights up the stairs in my office building, I thought perhaps I should try for that 5th flight and see how it goes.  Then I chickened out and just did the usual 4 and rode the elevator up the rest of the way to my floor.

That bugged me a little.  I started doing the 4 flights of stairs last February, when I was awarded a garage parking space that was near the stairwell for a full month.  I figured I'd make up the walk from the parking lot by going up some steps, even though I could only do about half the way up to my floor before my legs seized up.  It was a great habit that stuck with me even after my month of privileged parking was up.  It became stranger for me to NOT take the stairs than to just take them.  I have also read that it takes about a month to develop or quit a habit, so that makes sense that the habit stuck.  But I'd become frustrated in my limitations and not being able to progress as I expected to, over time.  Here it is, 7 months later, and I was still only going up 4 flights at a time.

Well, today, when lunchtime came, I took the stairs up to get back to work and just decided I would have to finally try to do 5 flights today.  I went slowly and took a break at 3 flights, then at 4.  Then I continued, finally, to the 5th.  Yay!  Then I took a break and just kept going.  Why not?  I rested a few seconds at each floor and kept going up until I made it to my floor on the 8th floor, which totals 9 flights (from the garage level).  I did it!  I am stronger than I gave myself credit!  Whoohoo!!!

That's all for now.  I'm doing things and watching how I'm able to handle things, pushing myself and taking breaks.  I was totally prepared to be wiped out after doing 5 flights today, and I was not too bad after 9.  I guess tomorrow might feel differently, but for now, I'm good with just enjoying the super feat I've accomplished.

I will definitely have to keep trying to do that 9 more regularly, starting tomorrow.