Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nauseating Neck Pain, Back Pain, IBS, Vision Problems, and Fatigue... or... Just Another Day with Fibro

The title about says it all, but I'll elaborate a bit.

I was doing pretty well after a moderately active weekend. My back has been sore from all the bending I'd done while working in my
native garden Sunday, but it was worth it. I enjoyed the great weather and all the sites and sounds of our wonderful yard. We watched a baby bunny nibble on the grasses in our flagstone path and saw and heard many, many birds. I love Native Suburbia!

Well, today, I was awakened by the house wren that lives in our neighbor's birdhouse. The birdhouse hangs near our fence, and he and his mate are always chirping away on the fence or in our trees for all the world to hear. I love him!

Anyway, I went about my usual morning routine. I ate breakfast, took my vitamins, did my morning stretches, dealt with a brief episode of IBS, then I took my shower. As I was toweling off, the back and left side of my neck started a stabbing pain. This is a trouble spot for me, and I remember a previous start to pain in this area started after a morning shower, too. Perhaps I'm moving in an odd way to dry off? At any rate, it's the kind of pain that makes me instantly feel a bit nauseous. I drove to work with my warmed rice-sock on my shoulder and popped a Tramadol when I (finally) got to work today. (I ended up having to reschedule a morning meeting that I couldn't make, thanks to my symptoms slowing me down.)

Meanwhile, I've been having problems with my vision again. I remember having constant problems with my visual acuity immediately after I was rear-ended. I went to the optometrist and he scratched his head as he reported that my prescription had changed drastically - by +1.00 in both eyes, although my previously perfect reading vision suddenly sucked. (I wear contact lenses.) This is unheard of. Whose distance vision improves? And so suddenly? And I'm not ready for "reading glasses".

After doing some reading, I chalked it up to new muscle tension around my eyes, possibly squeezing my eyeballs enough to make a difference in the shape, and thus, my vision. It's a theory and I haven't read anything that confirms that this could actually happen, but I'm going with it. The doctor had nothing better to offer as an explanation. If you have any experience or knowledge about this, please feel free to comment.

Well, lately, I'm experiencing the same kind of problems with focusing as then. I'm having trouble reading the computer screen clearly, signs, etc. I can do it after a few seconds, but it seems to take conscious effort, and it still doesn't seem to be quite right. I don't know how to explain it, but there seems to be an uncomfortableness in what I look at. I believe the massages, muscle relaxants, and stretches are helping to relax my muscles and myofascial trigger points. Could it be possible that the muscles around my eyes are also relaxing and perhaps adjusting the shape of my eyes again? I hope not. I just bought another year's supply of contact lenses. :P

The last time I brought my rice-sock buddy to work with me, I felt a bit better toward the end of the day. I am hoping I will at least make some progress on my neck, if nothing else. Hopefully tomorrow morning I'll be able to hop on the elliptical or do some more walking for my little workouts. I don't want to be a quitter!