Thursday, July 23, 2009

How I Spent My Sabbatical

As you may be aware, I have been given a very gracious gift by my employer: a three-week sabbatical. After seven years of continuous employment, employees of my company are given three weeks of time off that must be taken all at once. These three weeks are in addition to the usual time off allowed for the year.

I chose to take my sabbatical during July, to maximize my freedom with outdoor time. Sadly, my time off is almost up and I will return to work again on Monday. As I wax nostalgic about the past three weeks, here is a list of some of the positive things I did during that time.
  1. I went through Chapter 16 of my FMS/CMP survival manual book and created my WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan).
  2. I had my refrigerator repaired.
  3. I slept late whenever possible.
  4. I spent a lot of time in my native yard, observing all kinds of wonderful wildlife, like butterflies, hummingbirds, and woodpeckers.
  5. I stretched and took walks around the neighborhood almost every day. I frequently stretched outside in the yard, getting my sunshine and enjoying the wildlife at the same time.
  6. I walked to the library and checked out a couple of books.
  7. I enjoyed homemade salads and fresh summer fruits. I frequently enjoyed them outside, while watching nature.
  8. I wrote in my journal.
  9. I ordered some gifts for myself and others, including stationery made from elephant poop (really), and a mbira (thumb piano). I spent plenty of time playing with the mbira (I learned 10 simple songs already) and my old harmonica, too.
  10. I took a brief ride on my bike. (The brakes need to be adjusted.)
  11. I created things online for my Zazzle store.
  12. I took a few epsom salt baths.
  13. I watched The Red Balloon.
  14. I visited a local pub for lunch and a drink, then bought myself an ice cream cone.
  15. I joined a new meetup group and met some interesting folks.
  16. I did two pub crawls in different towns with my husband.
  17. I got a massage.
  18. I listened to classical music while reading in my recliner, while sipping coffee, tea, or water.
  19. I baked banana bread from scratch.
I am sad that my "summer vacation" is almost over, but I'm very grateful that I had the chance to take it easy and forget about work for a while, all while enjoying great summer weather and the peak of growing season.