Friday, January 15, 2010

Extra "Spoons"

After some typical ups and downs in my fibro world, both during and after my much-enjoyed "beercation", I actually seem to be feeling pretty...great, lately.

I have had some trouble sleeping the past week or so, some weird tingling on the left side of my body (knee, front lower leg, then thumb) and some other odd little symptoms here and there (mostly in the evenings, I noticed), and of course, the usual left hip pain that radiates into my back and leg...but today and for the past couple of days, mostly, I've been pretty OKAY!

I haven't had to limp at all, which means my hip and knee are behaving.  I've noticed my mood has been really good, even with a lot of work on my plate at my job.  I've also made an effort to eat better, since I gained some weight and, as I like to say lately,
"I'm still wearing last year's cookies!" 
I am also able to stretch more regularly and do some isometric exercises each morning, which is great for building back lost muscle mass.

I feel kind of - I don't know - under control at the moment, which is a really great feeling for a fibromite.  It's really the best I can hope for, considering all the crazy things I've got messing up my body.

My magnet is currently set to the "I'm in a good mood" smiley face (rather than the "I'm in a bad flare frowny face).

So, fibromites and other kinds of "spoonies" out there, I have saved up some extra "spoons" for you and am giving them out to all those in need.  Please help yourselves!  Take from my reserves as freely as necessary to make it through the day.  You have been there for me, so I hope to be there for you in your time of need.

Photo credit: sfgirlbybay