Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If you could have perfect health, but only by giving up one of your five senses, which one would it be?
I thought and thought about this. I would not choose to give up sights or sounds - that seems too drastic. Touch is tempting with the fibro, but think of how lonely and weird that would be, especially if losing a sense of touch could make me fibro-free. It's like the gift of the Magi.

At first, I was going to choose my sense of smell to give up, since it seems to be so minor in a person's life, plus there are so many unpleasant smells that I could do without. Then I remembered that taste is affected by smell, and I would be losing part of taste as well as smell in one shot. That would kinda suck.

Ultimately, I decided, and this was a tough one, that I would lose my sense of taste to be perfectly healthy otherwise. I would not be able to taste my favorite foods, but I could still smell them. I love the smell of a nice, hoppy beer and always take a great, big whiff before my first taste of a new beer. Perhaps I would eat more healthfully (you know, eat to live, rather than live to eat) but not have to sacrifice the world of wonderfully smelling foods.