Monday, February 7, 2011

10 + 2 > 12: Baby Steps Modification

So it's week 12 of my "Baby Steps" workout regimen. I've been keeping up with my obligations for the most part, despite being in miserable IBS hell for the past few weeks and in gastritis hell for several months before that. I've only missed 1.5 days of exercise so far (yesterday I only some of what I should have for the day). I think that deserves horn-tooting.

When I reached week 10, I realized that I was having more and more difficulty getting the 10 sit-ups done in one session, so I discussed possible adjustments to my plan with my husband, Don. What I came up with was a neat way for me to maintain my regular progression while adding other types of exercises to my workouts.

So here's what I'm doing each day this week:
  • 10 wall push-ups
  • 10 sit-ups
  • 2 minutes of ellipical exercise
  • 2 lifts of my 5 lb. weight for each arm
  • 2 leg lifts using a very light weight on Don's weight bench

Next week, starting on Sunday, all the 2s above will be 3s while the 10s will remain at 10 until I'm comfortable adding any more to those exercises.

What I like about the adjustment is that I'm still working muscles but I'm also doing some cardio to help improve my stamina, exercise my heart muscle, and keep my blood flowing.

I am frequently tempted to skip the workouts lately because of pain and discomfort (imagine having belly cramps and deciding to do sit-ups), but I have convinced myself that I'll feel better if I do the exercises than if I skip them. I feel more like a winner than a loser this way.

On top of the great feeling of accomplishment I have for getting this far, i weighed in this morning a pound or so lighter. It may very well have been due to a loss of appetite lately, as I have not been able to stomach eating much lately, knowing that I'm going to see my meal again in several hours, along with some nasty increased cramping and distress. If I don't eat, my guts don't seem to complain as much. If I keep working out, though, I'm hoping to build back more muscle. That is my first goal. Weight loss will come later.

What kind of exercises are my fibromite friends out there doing? Do you have any tips you'd like to share with me and my readers? Please comment below.