Monday, February 21, 2011

Belly Update - Colonoscopy Canceled

Good news: I think the new Rx is helping me! I have been feeling much better since Saturday and haven't had diarrhea since before starting on the Xifaxan. I left a message for my GI doctor, asking if the colonoscopy is still necessary, now that I'm feeling just about 100% better. I've been on a clear liquid diet today, just in case I'm still going in tomorrow. The real prep would start at 2:30pm today (chugging the laxative stuff), so I was anxious to hear back from the good doctor.

So it's almost 12:30pm and my doctor just called. He is as thrilled as I am that I'm doing so much better on the medicine, finally. My colonoscopy for tomorrow is canceled for now (and I get to go to work tomorrow instead of taking another sick day for the testing).

I'll finish the meds out (two weeks' worth) and see if I'm still okay then. I'll report to my doctor how I'm feeling then and we'll go from there. If a colonoscopy or other testing becomes necessary then, we'll reschedule something then.

Hurray! I can eat!