Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exercising, Making Friends, and Blog Stuff

I've been slacking on the "Baby Steps" lately, due to the pain in my left side, which I believe is a pulled muscle from coughing strenuously for a couple weeks straight. I did few or no sit-ups in the previous few weeks, and the rest of the workout was stagnating at level 10+4, with my doing some of the other exercises only sporadically.

A few days ago, I decided to see if sit-ups were tolerable with the remaining side pain and gave it a go. It hurts a bit, but I was able to do all 10, so I'm back on track, moved up to 10+5, and I'm doing all of my daily exercises again, starting last Monday. Whoo-hoo! It's hard work, but completing them does make me feel better, mentally.

Making Friends:
In other news, I met an online fibromite friend for the first time last weekend - VinaMist, author of her blog Just Breathe and contributing writer for the online arts journal Escape into Life. She's very nice. We had a great time talking over brunch (once we overcame my fibrofog mishap that prevented me from finding the place on my own).

We had tried to meet up once before, many months ago, but a family emergency kept that event from occurring. I'm glad we could finally get to know each other in person. It's very important to stay social with chronic illness, as it can be isolating. Befriending understanding people with similar health issues can be very rewarding for us fibromites.

Blog Stuff:
One final note: Blogger has announced a new feature for reading blogs in a cleaner format. I've included a link to this new format in my new "Other" page on the main blog. Other pages are still under construction for now, but keep an eye out for updated content on these new pages.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback, and I'm always happy to make new fibromites friends. We are a FMily. :)