Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pinterest and PB&J in a Cup

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?  It's a fun way for members to organize their interests by "pinning" various websites, photos, or whatever to virtual pin boards.  The kinds of things that tend to come up a lot are: recipes, crafting projects, fashion tips, hair and beauty tips, but you can pin anything you want.  My husband created a board just for his bathroom remodel project, to help him track ideas about all the details of redesigning a bathroom.  It helps when showing a designer what kinds of looks or functions are within the realm of the project.

Check it out and browse.  Every time you refresh, you'll see new things being posted by members.  If you want to be a member, a member like me can invite you.  Just ask.  The inviter will just need your email address of the invitee.  Once you're in, you can start pinning or repinning what you see and organize your boards any way you like.  There is lots of fun and inspiration out there and I am enjoying finding it.

Speaking of inspiration, I just pinned an original recipe to Pinterest today.  Here it is:

PB&J in a Cup: a slushy treat!
1-2 cups frozen red, seedless grapes
1 Tbsp natural peanut butter, warmed (gooey)
a splash of rice milk (or soymilk or other liquid that might suit you)

Freeze up some red, seedless grapes. (1-2 cups of whole grapes is good). Once they are frozen, pop them off the stems and into a blender. Be sure none of the stems get into the blender. Flip the blender on for a quick second or two after the grapes are chopped up nicely. If necessary, scoot them toward the blade between bursts. Add the peanutbutter and rice milk and blend again. If necessary, scoot the mush toward the blade between bursts. Once blended to your satisfaction, pour into a mug, grab a spoon, and enjoy your slushy treat!