Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eye Twitch; Flexeril and Symptom Update

Since yesterday morning, my left, upper eyelid has been twitching intermittently throughout the day.  It's nothing I haven't experienced before, and it's pretty mild, but it's still happening right now, and it makes me self-conscious when I'm talking to people, though it's not a big deal if they see it.  Everyone's had this one time or another.  I just wonder how long this stint is going to last.

According to several web pages about this, I need to rest and relax more.  (Unwindsday, here I come!)  I have been getting much better sleep since getting off Savella, though I've had some odd back-of-the-neck pains that wake me during the night.  It's a stiffness kind of pain that restricts my movement and I have a hard time getting comfortable.  I don't know what that's about.  It's a bit scary at the time.  Everything seems more scary in the middle of the night for some reason.  Maybe my brain is not ready to think properly then.

I am going to visit my new rheumatologist this Thursday to find out all my lab test results (12 tests) and see if we can learn anything from them about why I'm experiencing Fibromyalgia.  I'm also going to let her know how I'm doing on the new drug she prescribed, Cycolbenzaprine (generic for Flexeril).

With the new medicine, things started out a bit weird - the first night I used it, I woke up about an hour after bedtime, wide awake, and was just this side of believing that I might realistically die that night.  I have no idea why.  Perhaps my heart was racing or something, but I felt somewhat out of control, different.  I lay there awake, pondering the impacts of death.  It was very weird and it's stupid to think about now, after the fact, but I did really believe it.  Finally, after some time, I convinced myself that perhaps this flavor of crazy was brought to me by my change in meds, and that the side effect may be something mental.  I fell asleep and was fine in the morning.  I lived to laugh about it.

Mostly I think the new drug is fine, it just made me feel a little anxious or something like that the first few days.  I've been having headaches, too, almost daily for several days now, but I'm not certain it's the drug.  It could be due to hormonal, since it's period time for me.

I've been experiencing some nerve pains recently, which tend to occur somewhat less frequently, and yesterday I felt a little puffy in the face, which is not a usual thing for me.  That could be allergies affecting me, though, since my throat is a little hoarse today and I started sneezing and sniffling a bit yesterday.  My allergies are LOTS better this year, though, compared to others, thanks to my years of desensitization injections.  Finally getting the payoff for all that!

IBS is behaving nicely lately and I am able to feel kind of human overall these days.  (That's the real test for how I'm doing.)  It's been a couple weeks now and I am okay, for the most part.  Various symptoms come and go, as usual, but at least I'm no longer taking sleeping meds AND a muscle relaxant - just the one drug now.

The warm weather is helping me to move around more.  I'm taking more walks and getting more exercise, but I'm still having a hard time in between bouts of energy, when I feel worn out and confused.  Hopefully the ups and downs will start evening out soon.  I am having trouble getting the pacing right and am still overdoing when I am able to.  :P  I need to update my WRAP, too, since so much has changed since I last updated it.  I'll post a link to that once it's been revised.