Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Things are Worth a Flare

Being a fibromite means being fragile.  I'm sensitive, I hurt all the time, and my muscles can't take much activity due to a chemical inability for them to access sufficient ATP from food.  As a result, I'm told to limit my activity, get plenty of sleep, and make sure I relax and try to reduce stress.

As a general rule, I follow this advice and try not to awaken the "fibrobeast" if I can help it.  However, living cautiously and carefully all the time kinda sucks.  I'm not going to spend my time on this planet trying to remain as comfortable as possible all the time.  I only get one chance to live life, and sometimes I am going to go ahead and risk a fibro-flare for the sake of fun and rich, fulfilling experiences.  That's right, some things are worth a flare!

Last week, I had a very busy week that was hard on my frail little body.  I had long days and little sleep.  Saturday, however, I went with my husband Don and enjoyed an annual beer fest a couple hours away (Great Lakes Brew Fest in Racine, WI).  It was a long day of concentrated fun, but WELL worth the flare I'm suffering now.  We had so much fun, we're planning on attending again next year.

I encourage my fibrofriends to prioritize life's experiences.  Don't waste the rest of your precious days wallowing over the life sentence that a Fibromyalgia diagnosis gives.  Consider making the most of life and have some fun!  You can't do it every day, but if it's a rare opportunity, it might be worth the flare.