Saturday, September 12, 2009

Split Personalities

"Acting" with Fibromyalgia is a great post from the blog "Just Breathe" by one of my fellow fibromite bloggers - VinaMist.  She nailed this phenomenon right on the head!
"It amazes me how people like us with chronic health conditions have an "acting" mode. Where we can just snap into this other person outside the home and inside our homes we crash."  
It's so true.  In fact, I'm due at a party in a couple of hours and really don't feel like going because I am not up to being "on" and behaving "normal" for other people's sake.  I have been in pain for several days and haven't had time to really crash yet.  But I hate to cancel at the last minute - I just don't want to be one of those people who lets others down (typical fibro personality). 

So now I'm faced with this choice: do something to please others, or do something that helps me.  I hate this choice.  I suppose I can push off the crashing for one more day.

I'm going to have to put on the Happy face now...
(Thanks to Maddie F for the photo.)