Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yo Yo Yo!

I turned a negative into a positive today.  I was up at 4am today (thanks to my husband's pager for work) and was not able to fall back asleep.  So, I got up and started my day.  Since I usually don't get up until 8am on workdays, I had no excuse not to do all my stretching and exercises this morning... and that's just what I did. 

I did my usual stretches, then hopped onto my elliptical machine and did 10 (slow) minutes.  Then I stretched a bit more.  Then, since my knees have been bothering me so much lately, I thought I would do some strengthening around the knees.  I put 10 pounds of weight onto the knee lift thingy on Don's weight bench and did 10 lifts.  Then I stretched a little more.  I'm so proud of my piddly exercise today.

Then I weighed myself and although I'm not too surprised, I'm disappointed.  I've been crazy with the food lately, especially sweets and treats, and it shows.  My fat pants are not so loose anymore and my skinny pants are just lonely.  I don't know if the Doxepin is behind this, or if I'm just having some sort of eating disorder or something, but this is getting ridiculous!  As I type this, I'm tempted by cookies.  Why?!!?  I dunno.  They are just beckoning to me to enjoy their deliciousness.  Maybe I can at least hold off until after lunch.

I'm getting a little frustrated with this yo-yoing up and down weight with me.  I was about 122 lbs. this time last year.  Today, I'm 140 lbs.  Of course, last year's dramatic weight loss was due to the yeast-free diet my fibro doctor had me on.  (It actually made me feel worse so he insisted that I stop it.)  I'm hoping that hating my weight will help motivate me to get back to eating better and doing more regular exercises.  Even if I only do piddly routines, if I do them daily, I'll be ecstatic.  I am focusing most on stretching and re-building muscle, since those are most important for us fibromites.
Ugh, those cookies!!  No, I mustn't!
This is definitely a challenge.  I hope that confessing this all to the public will help me stay true to my goals.