Monday, November 23, 2009


In my brain's apparent quest to make me appear insane and constantly in mental anguish, I find that I cannot seem to stick to a single method of organizing myself. I am constantly revising the way I handle reminders and ways to keep track of appointments, tasks, and projects. The last 15 ways I've invented were supposed to each be THE ONE best way that I could use from then on. However, I keep thinking I can improve my methods by trying something new.

As a result, I feel discombobulated as I keep having to transition from one method to another. Is the computer calendar and task list the best? Or is jotting down a note wherever and whenever it comes to mind a good idea? Should I try to maintain the calendar with updates from those notes? Do the notes go in my pocket, or my purse, or do I send myself an e-mail or a phone reminder? Am I journaling my symptoms or posting them in my blog? I also have a dedicated notebook for my doctor-related notes and questions, so I can take it with me during appointments.

Sometimes I feel calm, cool, and collected about juggling all my responsibilities. Other times, like today, I feel frustrated at my lack of organization of my organization methods.

Got any tips on the best way to keep all the organization methods from overwhelming your senses?