Thursday, October 8, 2009


I know I'm having a bad day when my usually (somewhat) polite demeanor changes to inconsolable bitch.  One of the nicest people who knows I have a chronic pain condition asked me if I'm having a good or bad day and I just rudely retorted in despair.  This is my cue that I'm having a bad day.  I must consult my WRAP and see what to do...

I regret snapping at this person.  This is someone who is actually concerned for my well-being and I returned the favor by barking back with my discontent.  She deserves better. 

I'm sorry if you have ever been, or will ever be, the victim of my irritable mood.  Fibromyalgia is partially to blame, but I also take responsibility for not being aware in time to stop it from happening.  I will strive to do a better job of recognizing my lousy mood and try to prevent it from sucking you into the pain pit with me.  It doesn't help to have us both in there, and I know you'd help me out if you could.  Thank you for taking an interest in me.  I appreciate it.