Monday, November 9, 2009

Spoons: Lost and Found

Most of us Fibromites and chronic pain sufferers (aka "spoonies") are familiar with the Spoon Theory.  If you're not, click on the link and read the little story that helps explain what it's like to have a rationed amount of energy each day.

Last week, there was a lot going on at work, and I started using up too many of my spoons here and there.  By Friday, I was dealing with a deficit.  I was out of energy and couldn't wait to go home and just crash.  Luckily, my boss recognized all the extra work I'd put in and urged me to leave early on Friday.  I left, ran an errand, and crashed on the couch with my heating pad and my blanket, zoning out to reruns in my Tivo's Suggestions.  I was tempted to do some reading or journal writing, but I was so wiped out and dizzy that I could hardly remember my own name, so I knew that would be a waste of effort.  I got as comfortable as possible and zoned out for several hours.  Lying still minimized the vertigo that was plaguing me at, literally, every turn.

When evening came, I too my half Ambien and slept as long as possible.  When allowed, my body will try to sleep for about 11 or 12 hours.  I was still exhausted on Saturday, but the weather was nice, so I took advantage and took a little walk with Don around the neighborhood.  I had to stop a couple times, and I felt old and feeble about it, but I made it and got some sunshine.  I was able to read and pushed myself to do some minor cooking and cleaning that evening.  Then I slept as long as possible again that night.

By Sunday, I must have found some of my lost spoons because I was ready to actually shower and go out. :)  I noticed less vertigo/presyncope on Sunday morning, so I jumped at the chance to go out for brunch and beer.  We enjoyed the sunshine and walked around town a bit, too.  We even had ice cream and played chess at our local Oberweis before doing the grocery shopping and heading home.  It was a very full, but worthwhile day and I'm glad I was able to partake.

Sometimes those missing spoons are just put aside for another day, I guess.

P.S.  Thanks to NicnBill for the teaspoons photo.