Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Wizard of "Ow!"s

This morning, from bed, I told Don that I feel a lot like many of the main characters from The Wizard of Oz.

I feel like:
  • The Tin Man - because, although I do have a heart, I am so stiff that I feel like I need oil to move
  • The Scarecrow - because my fibrofog leaves me wishing for a brain (I could hardly remember this character's name to explain)
  • The Lion - because, although I put on a brave face, I am scared
  • Dorothy - because, I was still in bed and could not bear to leave to get up and get ready for work in my condition.  "There's no place like home!"
  • All of the above, again - because I want to go see the Wizard, who will cure me of all my "ow!"s
 Don was very quick to add that the lesson learned from the entire story was that that the Wizard didn't have any magical powers, that it all came from inside.  It's true - it's all in the attitude and perspective.  I hope to improve my outlook.

Thanks, Don!