Monday, April 12, 2010

Up, Down, Up Again...Wee!

Aren't the cycles of chronic illness just SO much "fun"? ;)

Anyway, since I'd left you all with a downward trend, I wanted to report that I'm moving back upward again today.  Despite the ongoing back issues and seasonal allergies kicking in (which means more sneezing, which means more back pain...), I do think I'm doing better - at least today.

My back seems to be healing up, slowly, whatever the problem was.  I am also sleeping better, which is great news.  I've noticed more tiredness and morning issues, but I believe it's related more to the seasonal allergies draining me and drying out my throat during the night.  

Last weekend I (finally) visited with my parents and my niece, who also has Fibromyalgia.  I gave her a bottle of my Magnesium Malate, since she is most likely deficient and it may help her with her symptoms, too.  I sure hope so.  I wish I'd remembered about my mom needing Magnesium, too, since she has Type 2 Diabetes and this is one of the conditions I'd read about also needing magnesium supplements.  I may have to send her some as a surprise.

In other news, I'm noticing some weird dynamics going on between other family members and me.  I want to call it a snubbing, but I'm not quite sure.  The people in question are not like me at all, so it's possible they are just different and I'm not comprehending their behavior.  Assuming the worst, however, my theory is that there is a problem with my atheism, and possibly some other of my personal opinions or lifestyle choices (being child-free has also been a point of contention) and they either don't know how to express themselves, or choose to be passive-aggressive about it.   Either way, it's quite childish.  I wish people could muster up enough balls to bring up things that bother them and discuss it like adults.  People are different and I try to accept them they way they are.  Why must others keep trying to change me?  

Anyway, it's their loss.  I'm an awesome person, so they're missing out.  I'm just glad my parents got over their fears and confusions about me and love me regardless.  They are always warm to both me and my husband and welcome us frequently to visit with them.

Thank you, Mama and Tata for loving me the way I am.  I love you, too.  Don, Annette, and all my other understanding friends and family members, the same goes to you, too.  I appreciate you all!