Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dyslexia & Dyscalculia

I've been accidentally flipping numbers around at work like mad lately.  I'm finding myself spreading "sorry"s all over the place because I keep referring to the incorrect reference numbers in messages. 

What's up with this? I've never been plagued with dyslexia as a kid.  In fact, math was probably my best subject through high school.  (I aced every year, including the AP Calculus I took in Senior year.)  I can only wonder if this is yet another way my concussioned and fibrofoggy brain has decided to vex me.  With the supposed ADHD affecting my concentration, should I consider this number flipping an extension of that problem?

During my self-analysis, I found this interesting term and article: Dyscalculia. Particularly, I notice "Dyscalculia can also occur as the result of some types of brain injury."  Under the symptoms listing I also notice difficulty with judging time, which I have also noticed in myself lately (or for all I know, maybe it's been going on for years now).  I also noted in my journal recently that I had repeatedly noted the right side, instead of the left side, had been bothering me lately.  Repeatedly.  Who gets left and right confused as an adult?  I guess it could happen to anyone. 

I could be reading too much into this.  I'm one of those kind of people who tries to be vigilant, but sometimes ends up being neurotic.  That's all a matter of opinion, though, right?  Can you relate?  What's your feelings on this?