Friday, March 5, 2010

I Will Have Better Days

I've been inspired by my own recent flare to create this very meaningful reminder that "I will have better days."  It's a photo of a very teeny, tiny monarch caterpillar that I took in my yard one day, as he munched on the leaf of one of my common milkweed plants.

This little critter was so small, (roughly this small: ====,) I could barely see its characteristic stripes.  Luckily, I was out looking for monarch caterpillars that day, looking under milkweed leaves all over the yard.  It was slightly breezy, which made for quite the challenge to photograph my little friend using my tripod and macro lens, as the plant swayed in and out of focus.

This photo is the result my hard work and determined effort, so it's a very personal reminder for me.  However, any of my fibromite friends, or anyone dealing with any chronic illness or difficulties, may find having this little reminder around helpful.

Just think: Each butterfly starts out as a teeny, tiny caterpillar that munched, hid, and survived until it was time to fly!

I'm going to make sure I order one of these and keep it in plain sight, so I won't lose hope during my next fibroflare.