Monday, March 15, 2010

What traits do you have that make you a good friend?

This questions is probably best answered by my friends, of course, but here are the traits I have tried to develop in myself over the years:
- I'm honest and don't pretend
- I am true to my word (I don't make promises lightly)
- I give when I see a need and am able to give
- I keep my expectations of others low
- I strive to keep an open mind and look at situations from all perspectives before making a judgment about someone (sometimes I frustrate with my "Devil's Advocate" questioning)
- I try to be sensitive to other people's moods and mindsets
- I share my feelings (I like to be open about my moods and opinions, so there is little misunderstanding)
- I know I'm not perfect and neither is anyone else

Having listed all those wonderful qualities, I feel compelled to add that I stumble and make mistakes now and then. This is how I learned and adapted in life, noting consequences and regrets, as well as successes. My goal as a friend is to make you feel accepted for who you are and offer comfort and encouragement when it is needed.

Friends, I wouldn't be opposed to your honest feedback on any of the above. Feel free to leave your comments in my blog, Twitter, or FB page. I am interested in everyone's thoughts.