Monday, March 29, 2010

If 3 strangers came to your house and their names were Sucess, Wealth and Love. And you could only invite one in.Who would you invite?

Well this is definitely a creative way to ask something. I might invite all 3, but since I'm limited, I guess I'll have to be rude to 2 of them.

Hm... Love I think I have already, and I'm okay with the amount of Success I've had so far (outside of luck with health problems, of course).

As shallow and disappointing as this may sound, I would choose Wealth right now. I'm not looking to be rich, I just want to ensure financial security for myself and my husband. Since we are both chronically ill with painful and incurable conditions, it would be most comforting for us to know that we would not have to struggle with working and bills when we need to rest. We could live the rest of our (quite possibly short) lives not trying to pursue the material things we need to survive. Instead, we could focus on being comfortable and enjoying what life has to offer.