Thursday, July 21, 2011

Switching to Savella - Day 5

I've been working from home again today and I noticed the brain zaps are getting less frequent, perhaps because I've been at the computer most of the day. I'll take it, whatever the reason. My abdominal issues are still there on a low level, too, but I've been managing and trying not to listen to the gurgles or think about it too much.

Last night I noticed I felt this odd kind of restless, unsettled, discomfort feeling in my body. At first I couldn't find a comfortable position for my feet while watching TV, but then I realized I was trying to shake off some sort of vague feeling I couldn't name. I don't know if this is related to the drugs at all, but I'm noting it anyway because it's weird. I felt like I wanted to get away and go to bed, but when I did, the feeling followed me there, too. I am still having some of this now. I may need to try to move around more to distract my body.

I am getting better at handling the temperature issues, I think. Last night I was baking up some banana bread muffins even though the weather this week has been near the 100 degree mark with all kinds of cautions about it and everything. I managed to make the muffins and make some salad for dinner, too. I was tired, but I felt useful, which was good for my mental state.

I also went to bed without my jammy pants, though I still needed the shirt and socks. Plus I was okay with not being buried in the blanket. That's an improvement. I ended up waking up at 3am, though, with a headache and inability to get comfortable, so I didn't get much sleep. It may just be my normal insomnia combined with odd sleeping temperatures and other factors, like the headache and bellyache.  I got up at 4am when I realized sleep wouldn't be back so my husband could get some sleep.

The good news is that I managed to shower AND get dressed in real clothes today - not just swaddling clothes, like for the past few days. I even brushed and did my hair! It's almost like I'm a real person again. 

Then I went outside, picked up the mail, and looked around our yard a bit. Our poor plants are all so tired from the drought and heat, even though they are hardy natives, many of them prairie plants. Still, there was life to be found, though, while bumblebees, dragonflies, damselflies, cicadas, birds, and even baby bunnies all went about their business collecting food and doing whatever else they need to do in our little yard. After meandering our path for few minutes, I went back inside to get back to work. (The release looks like it might go well.)

I have not yet heard anything back from my doctor. :P

If all goes well tonight and tomorrow morning, I just might be able to drive into the office for work tomorrow. Won't that be something! No promises yet, though. There's no telling what's around the next corner when it comes to this kind of stuff. Stay tuned...