Saturday, July 23, 2011

Switching to Savella - Day 7

Despite more violent thunderstorms last night and remaining awake since the 3am tornado siren, I felt like this morning was much better, symptom-wise, than yesterday. I was able to sleep some of the night without covers or without having to completely burrito myself in all three layers of blankets, which was a great improvement for me with the temperature stuff. Then I also felt less dizzy and brain zappy, too, even after being up for hours and moving around a bit.

I did some of my Baby Steps exercises and when Don got up, we walked around the block in our rain jackets and had a little banana bread for breakfast. I went back to bed and napped for several hours and felt I was able to have beer again! That's a big improvement! We went to one of our favorite places - Bavarian Lodge in Lisle, IL - and enjoyed a couple of interesting new Belgians on tap there. I was also very good about ordering a salad, though most of the food is deliciously fried and German, because I'm still working on getting some of this weight off.

I'm looking forward to taking my first top dose pill of Savella tomorrow morning, and then heading off to meet up with a fellow fibromite friend of mine for brunch.

I don't want to jinx anything right now, but I had a good day today and felt almost human again. After several days of being way off that mark, this is a huge relief for me. I'm hoping the withdrawal symptoms from Pristiq are behind me and that Savella will improve my Fibromyalgia symptoms, as my doctor and I are hoping.

Oh, something I'd forgotten to mention in yesterday's post was that I was dealing with a little sciatica attack when I went to bed early on Thursday night. It was in my worse leg -the right - and always feels like sudden lightning strikes inside the back of my leg. Not fun, but at least it only lasted a few minutes.

Also, no word, of course, from my doctor. He's definitely going to get an earful at my next appointment about all of this.